5 Red Signs of High Blood Sugar You Should Know.

Do You Have Signs of High Blood Sugar?

Research results from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, indicate that almost a third of people who have diabetes, do not know that they have it! You could be one of those who already have diabetes, or you could be someone who is pre-diabetic, a condition that raises your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Here are 5 signs of high blood sugar you should know.

Your pancreas produces insulin which controls the level of blood sugar in your body. In Type 2 diabetes, your cells are resistant to insulin, which leaves much of sugar, unable to be absorbed by the cells, in your bloodstream, which impacts negatively on the pancreas, and over-works the kidneys, which then deposit large amounts of sugar-filled liquid into the bladder, leading to frequent urinating.

It is almost like being dehydrated, and you are constantly thirsty, seemingly unable to get enough to drink.

Is this you? If you are always thirsty, check the list below for more red flags of high blood sugar.

signs of high blood sugarRed Flag #1  High blood pressure. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a true red flag for pre-diabetes and insulin resistance by the cells. High BP has no symptoms, so unless you have it tested, you will not be aware that you have it. Having high BP does not necessarily mean that you have diabetes, but it is a good sign that you could be pre-diabetic, and have a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. When you go for a BP test, ask the doctor to check your sugar as well.

What helps: Alpha Lipoic Acid supports optimal blood pressure by making the blood vessels easier to stretch and expand, thus increasing blood flow. Remember prolonged high blood sugar makes the blood cells stickier and causes your heart to work much harder to get the blood through your body.

signs of high blood sugarRed Flag #2  Fatigue. Are you often tired for no reason? If your muscle cells are resisting insulin, they are not getting the glucose needed from your blood supply, and you get tired quickly. This can result in you craving a quick-fix sugar boost like a candy bar, a roll or cookies. The fast energy boost does not last long, and is soon followed by a dramatic drop in blood sugar, and of course, another wave of fatigue.

What helps: Fenugreek aids carbohydrate metabolism and helps regulate sugar levels after meals. Fenugreek contains a special type of fiber that helps slow down the amount of glucose that your body absorbs which in turn helps to reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed.

signs of high blood sugarRed Flag #3 Excess weight. Many folk at risk for diabetes carry excess weight, and in spite of a strict diet, seem unable to shed much of the weight. The reason for this could be as a result of your cells are not getting the fuel needed in the form of glucose, due to the insulin resistance. The body then tends to hold on to the existing energy stores, which are in the form of fat. If you are struggling to lose weight, get your blood sugar checked, and make a plan to exercise on a regular basis, to help burn off the fat.

What helps: Gymnema Sylvestre is a potent weapon against obesity due to its incredible ability to help stabilize blood sugar. Gymnema Sylvestre also known as the the “Diabetes Sugar Destroyer” slows down the absorption of glucose and increases insulin sensitivity. When you are able to keep your blood sugar in the normal range, hunger is kept at bay.

Melabic is formulated with Gymnema Sylvestre and 8 other diabetes fighting ingredients

signs of high blood sugarRed Flag #4 Vision problems. Another red flag is sudden blurry vision, and difficulty focusing. When blood sugar levels are too high, fluid is sometimes pulled from the lenses in the eyes, leaving you with cloudy vision and an inability to focus. This comes and goes as your blood sugar rises too high, or drops too low. However, if diabetes is undetected, or unattended to, there is a real risk that you could potentially suffer permanent vision damage, and even lose your eyesight.

signs of high blood sugarRed Flag #5  Infections.Every disease known to man needs an acid environment in which to flourish. When your sugar levels are too high and not effectively controlled, your body becomes acidic, and is vulnerable to invasion by various types of infections. Common areas for these infections include the bladder, kidneys, vagina, gums and feet. Even a small cut or scrape which won’t heal, can also lead to a serious infection problem, when your body’s ability to fight infection is compromised.

Diabetes complications.

Complications from diabetes is a frightful prospect which can have a devastating effect on your health. Diabetes is a serious illness which must not be taken lightly, and if not well-managed, you run the risk of possibly developing complications such as coronary heart disease, a debilitating stroke, poor circulation, kidney, and eye disease.
Stress can also spike blood sugar. It is a good idea for your health in general, to begin taking control of your stress levels, and wherever you can, avoid stressful situations.
There is no such thing as “good” diabetes, so if you are experiencing any of the red flags, pay a visit to your doctor, and ask for a full blood sugar screening. An early detection of pre-diabetes, or diabetes itself, could save you from future health complications.

The Total Diabetic System is designed for that purpose – to help prediabetic patients lower their risk of diabetes type 2, and keep blood sugar stable, reduce pain, anxiety and related health problems of diabetic neuropathy for current diabetic patients.

The benefits of an early diagnosis and treatment.

If you are diagnosed as pre-diabetic, or diabetic, your doctor will immediately take some steps to help you bring your blood sugar levels back to normal. This might include a complete change in your lifestyle and eating habits, in addition to medication if necessary. And if you are overweight, a weight loss plan will also be on the cards.
When your blood sugar is close to normal levels, you will have more energy to cope with everyday tasks, be less thirsty and not need to pass urine as often as in the past. You will also be less prone to infections, and be more resistant to cold and flu attacks. Terrible tiredness and fatigue will be a thing of the past, as your zest for life is restored.

It all depends on you!

Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly. You can put it right if you pay attention to warning signs that you could be diabetic. Pay close attention to your body and if something doesn’t seem right, visit the doctor for a blood sugar, and blood pressure test.

The first step depends on you, take action today! 

References: WebMD, LLC, Michael Dansinger MD.

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