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Imagine and Our Bodies Will Follow

Happy-WomanWhat our thoughts and how we think of ourselves has a dramatic affect on our health. What we say and see when we look in the mirror matters.

The mind is extremely powerful and it has been proven time and time again with individuals over coming many ailments from meditation or simply the power of being conscious of your thoughts. Your focus can help you control cravings, get motivated stay physically active and boost your confidence, according to several recent studies.

“If you imagine an experience, the brain stimulates itself in the same way as if you were doing it,” says Joachim Vosgerau, co-director of the Center for Behavioral Decision Research at Carnegie Mellon University. Try these techniques to harness your mind’s superpowers.”

Distract yourself

This is easier said than done but grab a book, go for a walk, call a friend whatever it may be distract yourself as a craving usually last between 5-20 min and once you get your mind busy you will forget about the craving.

Envision your workout

Taking a few minutes to conjure up what you want to see when you look in the mirror. If you don’t have the physical body you want think about it, envision it and imagine how great it feels when you get your sweat, this may help you get off the couch.

Stand like a rock star

Researchers found that striking a confident stance actually stimulates a hormonal response that can make you feel more self-assured in minutes. No harm in trying to prove this research, so get your moves on and take the world by the guitar.

Who knew conscious thinking could be so easy and powerful?

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