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Shocking Results of a Metformin Side Effects Study.

A positive lifestyle change is a good way to start taking personal control of your diabetes, and investing in a long and healthy life. What is metformin?

Metfmetformin diabetes medicationormin is a well-known oral medication prescribed for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Sometimes used in combination with insulin or other diabetes meds, it helps to control blood sugar levels, especially in people that are unable to control their diabetes with diet and nutrition.

Have you ever wondered why someone would prescribe medication that maybe potentially harmful?

Some diabetes experts report that when it comes to prescribing initial  treatment for Type 2 diabetics, some doctors tend to follow a “treatment of laziness”– for example, prescribing medications if they perceive difficulties in the patients ability to change their lifestyle.

For those unwilling or unable, to change and improve their lifestyle habits, this would appear to be an easy way out. However, research has indicated that, because of the serious side effects, metformin can be a very dangerous medication.

If you are a type 2 sufferer, then you will know that if your diabetes is not controlled, it can eventually lead to serious – and life-threatening complications. These complications include heart disease, stroke, possible kidney disease, nerve damage and eye problems. To lower your risk, your doctor may suggest medication,as well as some positive lifestyle changes to improve your general health.

Your healthcare provider may suggest metformin as a drug of choice. Before you agree to accepting metformin to help manage your diabetes, here are some facts about the possible side effects that you need to know.

Common metformin side effects.

An allergic reaction. Get medical help if you display any allergic reactions which can include hives, difficulty in breathing, facial swelling, swelling of lips or tongue, and a problem swallowing.
Nausea. Nausea and vomiting, combined with stomach cramps or diarrhea after taking metformin.
Lactic acidosis. This is undoubtedly the most serious side effect. It happens when excess amounts of lactic acid has built up in the system, and if not immediately treated, can be fatal. Symptoms such as muscle pain, a numb or cold feeling in your arms and legs, trouble breathing, stomach pain, dizziness, tiredness and an uneven heart rate, require emergency medical treatment. Studies have shown that if lactic acidosis is left untreated, there is a 50% chance it may be fatal.
A potentially dangerous mix. You are likely to end up with high blood sugar levels if you take metformin with certain other drugs which are known to raise blood sugar. These include BP medication, birth control, asthma meds, diuretics, and thyroid meds, among others. If you are taking any of these, be sure to advise your doctor if he is planning to prescribe metformin for you.

Make sure that metformin is safe for you.

Diabetics are prone to liver and kidney disease, heart problems, and sometimes severe infections which affect your general state of health.To ensure that metformin is safe for you to use, tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or a history of heart disease.Taking metformin if you suffer from any of those problems, makes it more likely that you could develop the dangerous lactic acidosis disease, which could put your life in real danger!

Is metformin the only way to control my blood sugar levels?

Metformin is only a part of a complete treatment program that includes diet and lifestyle. Embracing a healthy diet, planning a regular exercise regime, and losing some weight will help you to manage your diabetes, and may eventually obviate the need for medication.

Supplements to Manage Diabetes are Critical!

While a healthy diet ( low carbohydrate) and exercise are essential to lower blood sugar, these are not the only parts of our natural approach to managing diabetes. Nutritional supplementation is a must.

The biggest reason nutritional supplementation is so important is because prolonged high blood sugar depletes the nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. This combined with  diabetes medications that also deplete your body of nutrients like Vitamin B12 and B1.  Diabetes becomes a nutritionally wasting disease.

Incredibly, most experts specializing in diabetes make no attempt whatsoever to replace lost nutrients, leaving you to suffer the inevitable consequences such as neuropathy, heart disease and kidney disease caused by nutritional deficiencies.

Another major reason that supplements for diabetes are critical, is that carefully increasing your intake of natural nutrients that help lower your blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity can help you keep your blood sugars at healthy levels. A healthy diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation can potentially reduce your need to take a dangerous, chemically manufactured drug like metformin, to help control your diabetes

Here are some tips to help you on your way to naturally manage your blood sugar levels.

A good diet. Foods such as rolls, bread, cakes, pasta and anything else made from refined sugar or flour is a big no-no. There is no nutritional value in these foods, and only add to the acid load in your systemelabic the diabetes sugar stabilizerm, driving your blood sugar sky high.
Melabic contains 9 diabetes fighting naturally ingredients that will help you lower and stabilize your blood sugar levels naturally reducing your need for metformin and other harmful prescription medications.
Exercise, as little a 7 minutes a day can help reduce blood sugars. It just take getting your body moving.
Neurabic contains 12 ALL natural minerals and vitamins that help protect your nerves and replenish the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.
Alcohol. Cut down on your alcohol intake. Alcohol puts extra strain on the liver and kidneys to metabolise and flush the related toxins from the system. This may cause your blood sugar to spike to unsafe levels.
• The nicotine and other poisonous substances in tobacco products make the heart race and can drive blood pressure up. Once again the system is put under pressure to detoxify the toxins, and raise your risk of heart and kidney disease.

References: Luft FC, J Am SocNephrol, Hernandez Perez E, Dawood H.

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