How to Prevent Diabetes and its Health Complications

Want the quick version on how to prevent diabetes? Keep your blood sugar low. No, it’s not just diabetic patients who have to watch out for high blood sugar. There’s a warning phase, called pre diabetes, defined as having blood glucose levels between 100-125mg/dl.That’s your window of opportunity to bring high blood sugar back within safer levels. Many patients are now doing that with Total Diabetic System because it has two supplements – Melabic and Neurabic – that stabilize blood sugar and reduce the risk of nerve damage, heart disease and other complications of diabetes.

Am I Really at Risk of Diabetes?

Probably. A 2012 report by a major health care provider says that over 50% of all Americans will be diabetic by 2020. Carbs are the problem – but carbs are tasty. Beer and chips anyone? How about a nice coleslaw. A burger would go down great right about now, maybe washed down with a Coke.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t think twice about the foods we eat. Think for a minute – have you ever been to a concession stand that offered hot dogs on whole wheat? Your friends might not think about it either when they host barbecues on those warm summer nights, or when you eat out at restaurants.

The risk factors for diabetes are everywhere. In fact, it’s not improbable you already have prediabetes. According to the Center for Disease Control, 35% of Americans over 20 are already prediabetic, and many of them don’t know it until things get worse.

Diabetes Can Lead to Neuropathy

You might know someone who’s had a limb amputated because of health problems related to diabetes. That’s because they likely had diabetic neuropathy – nerve damage – often to their arms and feet.

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common form of diabetic neuropathy, with symptoms like pain, tingling, numbness and burning sensations that feel like electrical shocks. They’re also at higher risk of autonomic and focal neuropathy, with the former having symptoms that can include digestion and sexual function problems.

Focal neuropathy typically affects one nerve, like in the wrist, or foot, though it can also target the eye muscles. This happens quickly.

The danger with diabetic neuropathy is that nerve damage can become permanent if you don’t get it quickly. One of the reasons diabetic patients are at higher risk of limb amputations is because they often lose sensation in their feet. Sores can then go unnoticed and untreated, until they’re infected. This can lead to tissue damage, and in some cases, the foot or leg must go.

Total Diabetic System

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.32.28 AMTotal Diabetic System is the complete package. It comes with Melabic blood sugar stabilizer and Neurabic diabetic neuropathy support. The system has become immensely popular because it can help prediabetic patients keep blood sugar low which might prevent complications including, yes, type 2 diabetes.

Patients already diagnosed with diabetes type 2 like it too, because it gives them protection against blood sugar spikes and the dreaded ‘crash’. Many find they’re able to wean themselves on to lower levels of insulin, though you’ll need to take both supplements with any medication your doctor prescribes.

Neurabic too, has become immensely popular, because it’s designed to promote better nerve health and function. Neurabic patients report less pain and better sleep. They walk better, with balance and coordination, and they’re happier, because the pain is no longer affecting their relationships.

The benefit of Total Diabetic System is prevention and stability for those with prediabetes and patients who already have type 2. They’re in less pain, and have lower chance of nerve damage and related health problems (diabetes can lead to heart disease), and the products are completely natural and cheaper when you buy them together than they are individually.

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