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Total Diabetic System

Recommended for people who suffer from unstable blood sugar and pain related health complications from diabetic neuropathy.

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What is The Total Diabetic System?

Total Diabetic System is just that. It’s a system of two natural products, Melabic blood sugar stabilizer and Neurabic diabetic neuropathy support. While you might not be familiar with neuropathy, you’ve no doubt heard of diabetes. And chances are you’ve got a one in two chance of both by virtue of being an adult over 20.

Diabetes is a disease characterized by inability to make and/or use insulin. Diabetes type 1 is often genetic and tends to appear in early childhood, and typically needs aggressive treatment. Bret Michaels of Poison is type 1 diabetic. But diabetes type 2 is far more common, and makes close to 85% of all cases of diabetes. And thankfully, you can prevent type 2.

Total Diabetic System is designed for that purpose – to help prediabetic patients lower their risk of diabetes type 2, and keep blood sugar stable, reduce pain, anxiety and related health problems of diabetic neuropathy for current diabetic patients.

Your Risk of Getting Diabetes

You’re at risk of getting diabetes just by being an adult with a typically western diet. A report by a major health insurer in the United States predicts that half of all American adults will be diabetic by 2020. This, despite plenty of chances to bring blood sugar levels back down to more manageable levels and avert a potential health crisis you’d do well to avoid.

Patients with diabetes type 2 go through a phase called prediabetes. Often there are no warning signs or symptoms but the threat is real – believe us. About 35% of Americans over 20 have prediabetes and many don’t know it. You can define prediabetes as a blood sugar between 100 and 125mg/dl after an eight hour fast.

This is a warning sign of problems ahead – and a good time to start with Total Diabetic System.

Total Diabetic System: Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Neuropathy

Total Diabetic system is an all-natural system of prevention and management. It allows people with prediabetes to lower their chance of diabetes type 2 and help current diabetic patients manage their symptoms, avoid ‘The Crash’ and reduce their risk and pain of diabetic neuropathy.

The System includes:

Melabic – For Stable Blood Sugar

MELABICA supplement of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that stabilize blood sugar, Melabic helps prediabetic patients stay on the safer side of high glucose levels, and helps patients already diagnosed with type 2 diabetes manage their symptoms.

Why It’s Popular – Ask any diabetic patient and their greatest fear is ‘The Crash’, when blood glucose levels plummet and afflict the patient with tremors and sweats. Melabic can also help prediabetic people lower their risk of full-blown type 2 diabetes because it stabilizes blood glucose.

Details: Melabic is formulated with 9 natural ingredients with high bioavailability, meaning the body can easily process and put them to use. Clients report more energy when they take Melabic, less fat storage, and a lot less anxiety when they’re eating and after meals.

Neurabic – Better Nerve Health and Less Pain From Diabetic Neuropathy

That other natural supplement that helps diabetic patients and those with prediabetes. Neurabic is designed to promote better nerve health and function, and reduce the pain, tingling and numbness of diabetic neuropathy.

Why It’s Popular – Folks are catching on that nerve damage is very common with diabetes. Many people know someone who’s lost a limb after a sore on a leg went gangrene and needed amputation. Neurabic promotes better nerve health, so there’s less pain and nerve ‘misfiring’, and with it, the ‘electrical shock’ like sensations that diabetic neuropathy can cause.

Details: Neurabic is formulated with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that nurture, protect, and in some cases, reverse nerve damage. Neurabic clients also report less ED and dryness – both of which are linked to diabetic neuropathy.

Pennies a Day For a Better Life

Both Melabic and Neurabic can be purchased as individual supplements. But they work exceptionally well when taken together. Melabic keeps blood sugar at stable levels, and Neurabic looks out for, and reduces damage to nerves.

It’s the complete package, as they say, of prevent and protect. Pretty awesome too, when you consider they’re cheaper when bought with Total Diabetic System compared to if you bought each one separately – and you still get all the bonus items.

In short, Total Diabetic System brings relief and prevention from diabetes and its complications. For less than a cup of coffee each day, it’s not a hard decision to make. Buy Total Diabetic System and life gets better.

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